This site is designed to explain a little bit about the process  I went through to solve the challenge of creating a Hangman app. I hope you enjoy the process and appreciate the love I put into this.  

The idea behind my Hangman app was to enhance the social aspect of the challenge with three types of games: single, challenge and multiplayer.

The SINGLE type allows the user to play alone and earn points. 

The CHALLENGE type is a daily challenge and the user can only play 1 game per day. The idea is to invite back the users to play at least one time per day. They earn points as well.

Finally, we have the one that will be the most fun, the MULTIPLAYER type. This allows the user to create a private game and invite up to 3 friends. They can compete on a 5, 10 or 15 word game and see who gets more points.

Each type of game has its own Leaderboard. 

I put a special emphasis on the design of the app and the ability of the user to make custom decisions from the Settings menu.

The app was made in Swift and Firebase was used for the back end.

To access the Hangman Challenge code please click in the GitHub icon.