Detailed description of what happened from day one to submission day.

February 15th

Challenge received. Initial excitement and getting ready to start working on the app. Setup GitHub and local files. Downloaded 15 hangman games from the App Store for testing and ideas development.

February 16th

Started working on the data structure. Decided to go with Firebase as the backend engine for user and data. Setup Firebase and initial views of the challenge.

February 17th

Created the Main and Game views. Finished data models, views and algorithms of the single and challenge game. 

february 18th

Created the data models, views and algorithms for Leaderboards. Linked them to the backend. 

February 19th

Setup data model, algorithms, views and backend interaction for the multiplayer games. At this point the game stopped working.

February 20th

After a moment of panic where I thought I had to kill the multiplayer game, I redid the entire data model, algorithms and interaction with Firebase.  The app started working again!

February 21th

Spent half day fixing bugs, design and tweaking some parts of the code. The other half I spent adding all the constraints so it can be played in iPhone SE, iPhone 6 & 7 and iPhone 6+ & 7+.

February 22th

Final rounds of testing and creation of the website to present the challenge.  This was definitely fun and I'm proud of the final result.

from ideas to a final app 

I did a lot of sketches on a notepad, don't laugh, I like notepads, especially the old yellow ones. After I finished the challenge, I went back to the notes and realized the contrast between my sketches and the final product. The result is interesting so I thought it would be worth sharing. 

Here are all the notes and sketches for the challenge. Some of them have designs, some sketch the UI and there are a lot of data structure notes.

Hope you enjoy!